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Page 24

[Private, Hackable by friends]

The Ultraspecial Education Method... Special training exercises and methods used by countries around the world to draw out special abilities like papermastery and diving in otherwise normal people, to create agents to serve the various countries around the world. These exercises were later evaluated to be inhumane by international law, and were banned across the world. Not all people who underwent the procedure were willing, many were orphans taken in by the government and given no choice in the matter.

I... didn't need any special exercises to become a papermaster. The ability flourished in me naturally. And, I love being a papermaster. At least... here I do. I don't recall yet any interactions with anyone back home that were either positive or negative in reaction to what I can do.

...it isn't right. I think... my papermastery is a gift, but it wasn't something that was forced onto me. It was just something that developed because of the person I am. I'm sure that the idea of having a unique ability must have seemed appealing, but even then, they were tools of the governments that controlled where they were.

...and they must have suffered...

[1% memory used on the Ultraspecial Education Method. 22% total regain, 12% remaining.]