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Page 18

I know it’s been a while, but I’m still happy beyond words that the library is back! Thank you, everyone who consoled me when the buildings disappeared. Even those that scolded me… I believe I needed it. I’m feeling… better now.

And the library’s return means that I can enjoy reading the multitude of holiday stories it provides! There are so many wonderful Christmas stories, if you’ve never read one, I encourage you to give one a try! I’ve set a few out on display at the library! I highly recommend A Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens. It’s a lovely classic that captures the spirit of the holiday! But there are many others! Does anyone have a favorite? I’d love to hear about it!

[Private, Hackable]
Donnie… I’m so glad the library is back. Now I can continue to keep my promise to you. Maybe… some people would think it childish, but… I’m still going to do it. With your glasses, I’ll read as many books as I’m able, and you’ll be able to enjoy them through my eyes, won’t you?

I’ve remembered some of the lessons you taught me… And I’m thankful I’ll be able to further utilize my paper mastery. There are many wonderful people in Memento Eden… maybe I’ll be able to help them in some way with what I’ve learned from you. That would make us both happy, wouldn’t it?

[And Yomiko has gone and decorated the library for Christmas! Visitors will find the shelves strewn with paper garlands and other festive decorations. Keen observers might even spot the paper mistletoe hanging from the door to the library! Why? …because it looked pretty and it was in the holiday spirit. The possibility that anyone might take advantage of it certainly never occurred to her!

Will anyone?]

[1% memory used on general paper mastery Yomiko learned at Donnie’s hands, specifically the ability to extend the life of her paper in the face of water and fire. 1% regain, 12 % total, 5% remaining.]

Page 17

...The library is gone...

[Well, that was the straw that broke the papermaster's back. Jr.'s gone, Gaignun's gone, Terra's gone and now the library has disappeared with the rest of the buildings on the island. That was Yomiko's limit. You'll find her sitting outside next to her suitcase, head bent to her knees, sobbing her eyes out.]

Page 16

Well, I said I wanted to get into the holiday spirit... it would have been nice to be able to choose my own costume though. It's a little too cold to be wearing something like this...

My apologies to the other library staff members and patrons. I'm afraid that the bells in my skirt aren't removable. I'll uhm, try to be as quiet as I can.

I, uhm... I hope everyone is having fun.


[[Yomiko’s obsession with stories and tendency to retell them to anyone who will listen has landed her right into the costume of Scheherazade, the fictitious storyteller from 1001 Arabian Nights. Essentially, she looks like a harem girl/belly dancer, with a loose flowing skirt that jingles pleasantly when she moves, low-cut top and veil.


Also, she’s more then a little depressed at the moment, as in her conversation with Terra in her previous post, she remembered her teacher/boyfriend Donnie Nakajima and the fact that he died. 1% used on general info on Donnie, 1% used on vague info related to his death (Yomiko doesn’t know the specifics, as I haven’t even breached info on the Library of England; just really that he died and that she possesses his glasses). 2% regain, 11% total, 1% remaining.]]

Page 15

[Visitors of the library today will find something quite of the ordinary: Yomiko is not reading. Instead, she's decided to try to get into the spirit of the upcoming holiday and make the library more... Halloweenish. One of the tables now displays a number of horror novels she enjoyed and she's seated at another putting her paper mastery skills to work making decorations.

Or at least she was until she got distracted. Which happens. Her table is covered with yet unused colored construction paper, but she's amusing herself by making a number of origami bats fly around over her head. Oh well, she'll get back to work eventually!

...Probably. If poked.

Page 14

Oh my goodness, my head... Did I really have that much to drink? I hope I didn't cause any problems for anyone...

It's strange, my head is throbbing and yet I've remembered some more information about the world I came from. It seems paper mastery wasn't the only ability that people possessed! There was a wide range of special powers back home, although they weren't especially common amongst the populace. Some people were known to hold control over things like cloth, fire and even light! Some could even pass through solid matter! It seems that many of these people came from families of mixed heritage like I do... people who didn't exactly fit in with one culture or another. I wonder if I've ever met anyone with a special power, paper mastery or otherwise...

[Private, hackable because OhMYGOD head hurts]
Some people... respected us for our abilities. Even held us in esteem for them. Others... I suppose it's easy to fear a person who holds a potentially lethal ability that one doesn't also possess. But... to go as far as to believe that we sold our souls for those powers? ...No wonder my father was concerned for me. I... oh... just because a person holds the power to do harm doesn't necessarily mean that they will. I wonder what became of other people with powers like mine. It's rather frightening and my heart hurts for them. Regardless of what we could do, we're still just people...

It's sad and rather confusing... I need to stay positive. I'm sure for every person who feared us, there must have been a person who was understanding and kind.

[[1% used on general knowledge of abilities in the R.O.D. universe, 1% used on public opinion of people who held those abilities, 2% regain, 9% total, 3% remaining]]

Page 13

[People passing by the library today will find Yomiko outside the building with her suitcase and a rather strange creation. It's about half her size in height and vaguely resembles a large cat. She's got her hands out in front of her and at her gestures, the creation is walking, jumping and sitting. She is, as always, rather pleased.]

[[OOC - 2% used towards the creation of paper golems/familiars. 7% total, 1% remaining.]]

Page 12


D-did that just...?

...oh dear.

[Anyone in the library will find Yomiko frantically searching for something. Her superpower for the event is the ability to conjure things from written word into reality (think Inkheart... has anyone seen/read that?) and she's just gained and lost something.]

Page 11

Hmmm... another ball. Well, this should be interesting! The one at the onsen a few months ago was a lot of fun, and to get not just a memory, but an item from home in the process! I just started a very good book, but even I can't spurn this event. And it will provide me with even more incentive to go clothes shopping... I've been putting that off... I, uhm, really have no sense for fashion whatsoever. I don't suppose anyone would be willing to lend a hand?

I hope everyone has a wonderful time, remembers wonderful things and gets wonderful items from home!

Page 10

It seems like things have finally quieted down now… I hope everyone has caught their breath after these past few weeks. But it seems as if in the confusion, Miss Aerith has left us. That’s such a shame, she was such a bright person… I had been hoping to get to know her better. I hope wherever she is now is a bright and cheerful place.

It is nice to finally remember something about my life before my arrival in Memento Eden, though! I grew up in the city of London, England with my mother and father. My father was a professor of literature at a university in the area. He met my mother while traveling abroad, brought her back home with him and married her. They both loved books… Mum had a habit of overspending at the local book shops to the point that there was no room on our bookshelves and would place them wherever there was available space… the kitchen counter tops, tables, chairs… well, you get the idea.

Then there’s this ability: paper mastery. It’s… well, somewhat perplexing. If I didn’t now have the ability to make a piece of paper sharp as a knife or strong enough to block a strike, I wouldn’t have dreamed it possible. But I guess it’s not so far fetched, considering some of the things people here are capable of! And… well, it makes me happy. Very, very happy! I feel like I have a bit more confidence in myself! It will take some time to get used to, however, and I’m going to have to really apply myself to learn exactly what I’m capable of and how to best control it… but I rather look forward to it!

I made a purchase at the artifact shop the other day! I’m not entirely sure what drew me to stop in, but I found a paper fan and given what I recently learned about myself, it just seemed right to buy it somehow. It looks perfectly normal, but something about the paper seems different… it seems stronger then your average sheet of paper. More durable somehow. I’m not sure if there’s more to it that I’m not seeing, but I’m still satisfied with my purchase!

Page 9 - Aging Event (Younger)

Hmm… I’m starting to worry.

It usually doesn’t take my parents quite this long to find me when we get separated. I mean, I did what they always tell me to do when this happens. “Go to the place with the most books. We’ll find you there.” Well, I did, but I don’t usually have time to finish an entire novel before they pick me up. I wonder where they are. Maybe Mum found some good book shops nearby. I hope she brings back something good!

Oh well, I’ll just continue to wait around until they work their way here. This library is fantastic! I’ve never been to one that was bigger then this! At least I won’t be bored while I wait!

…although I wonder how I got here to begin with. I… don’t really remember leaving home to begin with…

[[Yomiko is now pre-teen. 2% on basic paper mastery, 1% on her mother, 1% on her father, and 1% on her early childhood in London, 0% remaining.]]