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Name: Nikkie
Journal: nikkie_chan
Contact Info: AIM – ShyViolet1414, email – purple_goddess1414@hotmail.com
Currently Played: None

Name: Yomiko Readman
Series: Read or Die
Age: 30
Job: Co-owner of a book store with Bruce Wayne/tutor upon personal request
Appearance: N/A

Personality: Yomiko love books.
She LOOOOVES books. They are her passion and pleasure and nothing makes her happier than reading, save for being able to share books with others who enjoy them and discussing them. At length. They have been her most constant “friends” in a sense, and she sees them as invaluable, allowing people to experience events they often wouldn’t otherwise, and to engage with people they likewise would not ever meet. Her… enthusiasm can be off-putting at times, especially for people who aren’t particularly interested in the written word, for Yomiko will try her very best to “help” people find books that speak to them, whether they want to or not. She’s a friendly woman, but finds that sometimes starting conversations not-book related can be… strenuous. Also, her mind is sometimes so focused on books that she lets other, normal things fall to the wayside, such as personal care. (She often forgets to brush her hair and goes out in public with ridiculous bed head.) This focus on literature often makes her make rather… unique statements, and trying to shift gears from book-mode into any other mode can leave her disoriented and cause her to be clumsy.

She is a people pleaser. Yomiko will try her hardest to help people when they ask for it, even if the task they need assistance with isn’t amongst her talents. Having lacked many good friends in her childhood, she still seeks acceptance and approval from others, especially since the people who accepted her in the past (her parents, Mr. Toto) are now gone.

She’s… rather bully-able. Given her desire to gain approval of others, Yomiko can be goaded into doing things she wouldn’t normally and given her past of dealing with people who were less than kind to her, she has a high threshold of personal pain when exchanging with unpleasant individuals. She's an optimist at heart, and hopes that even though sometimes bad things happen, she may be able to grow from the experience or make a friend. Sometimes this leads her to relationships with users… but she’s got a very definitive view or right and wrong that she won’t cross.

However, because of the time she’s spent on the social “outs,” she’s very understanding of people who aren’t exactly within the social norm. She’s a very different woman and she understands what it can be like to not fit in, and so she can often get on very well with people who find themselves in the same boat. She also generally gets on very well with children and adolescents, as she can very well associate with the concept of trying to find one’s place in the world.

Sometimes you’ll need to hold Yomiko’s hand through things… sometimes, she’ll hold yours in return though.

Canon: Wiki link here
AU: Yomiko was born the child of a union between a man and a woman from different countries with very unique cultures. She spent her childhood living in the country from which her father originated, whose natives felt her appearance too “foreign” to truly accept her, and ostracizing her to a degree. Luckily, Yomiko’s parents were very kind and loving, and did their best to nurture her. Their love and affection imbued in Yomiko a caring, understanding nature. Being extreme book lovers, Yomiko inherited their passion for literature, which combined with a talent for speed reading and eidetic memory greatly aided her education. She began reading at a level far beyond her age early and life and despite her timidness in social situations, would often ramble frantically about books to anyone who would listen. This behavior only truly helped with her ostracization, however, she did find a single person who understood her and befriended her in her late teenage years: a man named Donnie Nakajima. Donny came from a similar heritage of mixed parentage, and had also found solace in literature. The two became close friends, and eventually lovers… ending when Donny was murdered when Yomiko was 18 years old. The details of Donnie’s death never fully came to light and his murdered was never found. Yomiko was heart-broken at the loss of her dearest. It was also at this time that her mother became ill…

Yomiko’s family retired back the country from which her mother originated and resettled. It was the most difficult point of her entire life, watching her mother grow more and more ill in a land which she’d only visited a handful of times while on holiday. She began her pursuit of higher education at this point, studying literature with an emphasis in education, as Donnie had once told her that her love of books could almost be contagious and encouraged her to not hide her bibliophile tendencies. Yomiko adored her studies and shortly after arriving in her mother’s country, found a haven for book lovers- a bazaar filled with nothing but book shops! The owners adored her, accepting her as a die-hard book lover and Yomiko blossomed through her interactions with them.

One book stop in particular aided Yomiko the most: Toto’s books, a unique and very particular book store that catered only to purveyors of literature the owner deemed worthy. Yomiko loved the store for its inventory of books and over time befriended the owner, Mr. Toto, a man who initially was grumpy and withdrawn from other people, but gradually opened up to the young woman. In the years Yomiko spent as his customer, he spoke to her on all manner of books, his methods of finding rarer volumes, and the more pleasant of his experiences as a book store owner.

Yomiko’s mother passed away shortly before her college graduation, and her father within a year after, having seemed to have lost his lust for life without his beloved. Yomiko remained in the city they had settled in, taking on work as a substitute teacher and amassing quite a collection of books, creating her own personal library. After her own personal grieving, she began traveling to other places, to broaden her perspective… and also hunt down new books of course. She made a stop in Willow Grove and found the farming community lovely… but where was the book store? Everyone needed books after all!

Life progressed according to this formula, until Mr. Toto passed away when Yomiko was 30 years old. After listening to all of Mr. Toto’s wonderful stories about owning his store, Yomiko began to wonder if she wouldn’t find that line of work rewarding as well. But where to open a store?

She remembered Willow Grove and how nice the island had been, but lacked a book store. She paid another visit and found it still lovely, and still lacking in a local for people to purchase literature. She was hesitant to act however, until in discussing the matter with another visitor, she found someone who seemed interested in her idea of a new lifestyle. Yomiko asked (read: begged) the man, one Bruce Wayne, if he would be willing to assist her, and he (shockingly) agreed. And now Yomiko has a chance to do what she loves: sharing books with others and helping them find books that will speak them as they do her…

Action: [Yomiko is sifting through a pile of papers seeking a particular receipt when she hears the door to the store open. She eagerly hops to attention!]

Good afternoon, is there anything that I can help you fi-AAGH!

[In her attempt to move quickly, she accidentally overturned the stack that she was looking through… and they’ve fallen right onto her. You can now find her sitting on the floor covered in debris, appearing a bit disoriented.]

Uhm… I-I’ll be with you in just a minute… please feel free to browse the shelves…

Prose: Another day’s end and Yomiko felt most pleased. It had been a very good business day and she felt as if she’d made some major accomplishments. She had a running list of book requests from the people of Willow Grove and after discussing some previous purchases with customers, now had a better idea of what sort of books they were looking for. Yomiko didn’t know much about farming, but after speaking with several of the farmers in the area now knew what sort of references they were looking for, and her next voyage to the mainland in search of books to restock the shop with would yield better results.

But really, just being able to speak with these people, to get to know them better through the books they wanted to read, was rewarding to her.

She pulled on her trench coat and exited the store, locking it behind her. The night air was cool and pleasant and the stars were coming out, lighting up the night sky in a way Yomiko was sure would touch and inspire the mind of any writer that observed them.

A hop in her step, she began the trip home. There was a book she was reading that she was excited to finish, and then, to bed. Another day was coming and she hoped it would be as wonderful as today had been.